[Hpr] Boo, Hiss, a google search on top of the HPR webpage!

Charles Thayer catintp at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 26 13:04:02 PDT 2013

Status quo for now, unless a clearly superior solution jumps out at us.

Separate issue...

Someone really should conjure up a "grepisode" script using (say) Lynx on the client side, and optionally feed the results to a text-to-speech tool for accessibility. That would make for a nice techie episode, but it would probably not add anything new to the universe that we couldn't get from a search engine.

If we made it a contest, we could squeeze a series out of it as different hackers approach it from different angles. That could be cool to watch. 

It has the potential to be a cool learning project, especially the accessible computing angle. 

After I finish the five math, maths software and "old-time computing" topics I have in the pipeline, I could think about this myself.

Charles in NJ

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