[Hpr] Preview upcomming shows for hosts

Dude-man from Dudmanovi.cz hpr at dudmanovi.cz
Wed Mar 27 03:13:20 PDT 2013

On 03/27/13 10:16, Ken Fallon wrote:
> On Wed, 27 Mar 2013 09:10:58 +0100
> "Dude-man from Dudmanovi.cz" <hpr at dudmanovi.cz> wrote:
>> I'm dumb perhaps, but can't see them, the two current
>> 2013-03-28 hpr1214 "LinuxFest Northwest is April 27, 28,2013" by
>> David Whitman 2013-03-29 hpr1215 "Pair Programming" by Christopher M.
>> Hobbs
>> anywhere on the ftp server, that I have access to at least.
> As I said those are the two that are already posted but their release
> date hasn't passed yet. You can get to them via
> http://hackerpublicradio.org/eps/hpr{episode number}.{file format}
>> For me this is a real shame, as, well I'm impatient and like to run
>> my own schedule and listen to things when the mood/inspiration
>> hits... Perhaps the technical change that made this previewing of, as
>> yet, unscheduled shows no longer possible didn't foresee the
>> consequence's to impatient people, any chance of still having early
>> access so I can get my own rss feed creater working again ?
> Yes we had discussed it on the New Year Show. I said then that I
> personally as a HPR Host didn't like the idea because of the fact that
> "we say what we do (5 shows a week) and we do what we say" builds trust
> with the listener. I also said that there are those who would like
> everything released as it comes in. That has been debated and it is
> what it is right now. I also asked you to send an email to the mail
> list to open the topic for discussion.
> However, as a HPR Admin I will not let my personal dislikes interfere
> with the running of the network. As I have said on the last Community
> News, just because you don't get your feature doesn't mean that it
> isn't been worked on. The plan is to add the option "gomax=1" to the
> main site and all the feeds. This is currently in testing but the
> database changes for that have gone live last month.
> When I moved the files off for processing, I had intended to put them
> back but didn't because making the shows available before hand has
> resulted in search engines pointing to files in the queue that have
> long since been moved into the main feed. This results in invalid links
> which lead to the 404 errors reporting 4 times more than actual hits on
> the site. I could have excluded them in the robots.txt file but I also
> want to move the FTP server root off the web server anyway because it
> is a security concern. Anyone with credentials can upload content there
> and it will be served via the main website. Fortunately our hosts are
> kind enough not to exploit this fact.
Could you not of set the dir/file permissions ro etc ?
> Making shows available before hand right now is difficult because our
> GUID (xpath: rss/channel/item/guid) is the episode number. The plan
> is to move to some sort of other identifier that would remain constant
> from the start of it's life cycle to the end. That would allow the shows
> to be moved up and down the schedule list. The location of the file
> would also remain constant. Then we can add an option to the feed to
> "gomax=1". The items would still move around in the RSS/Atom feeds but
> they should not be downloaded again. That is not there yet, but it is
> the plan and this months move to releasing filtering on date
> facilitates that.
> I don't actually like to publish what I'm working on because a) I might
> not get time and b) it sets some sort of expectation and c) this is a
> hobby and I have enough "tasks" in my real life. But just to give you
> an idea of what has been asked for recently here is an incomplete list
> of stuff that is ongoing as we speak:
> - Securing the website
> - Search options
> - Introduction to HPR video
> - Upload Form
> - Add ATOM Feed
> - Opus Support
> - Introduction of show Tags
> - Events Page
> - Twitter/Identi.CA Feed
> - Upload to Archive.org
> - Automatic tagging of media files
> - Automating media upload, identification and transcoding
> - Fixing broken links
> - Fixing broken HTML/Converting to HTML5/CSS3
> Many of them are interlinked and supporting one will add support for
> others. I could make another feed for the processed but not yet posted
> shows but I don't want to because it's wasted time and effort
> (personal opinion) however if this this a feature that people want
> immediately then I will do it next.
> Ken.
:) keep on keeping on... no pressure from me or perhaps anyone else, 
just have it all finished yesterday will be fine.

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