[Hpr] Part 2 off ...I Love Food, Good Food

Dude-man from Dudmanovi.cz hpr at dudmanovi.cz
Wed Mar 27 07:25:51 PDT 2013

Hello all

I'm just planning a follow up to hpr1159 :: Food - Health - Nutrially 
Densce food .... and want to share the info a head of time in the hope 
of some interested participation from other hosts.

I've two ideas for directions I'd like to pursue

Fistly, but perhaps of little general interest, is to give voice to 
vegetarians or vegans, as I'd like to understand the motives for such 
choices. I was for a few years a vegy, basically as an old girlfriend 
was. I basicly aplourd the reasons for these choices, as everything they 
say about about commercial food and animals conditions is real.

The second, more importantly I'd like to introduce the subject of GAPS 
"Gut and Psychology Syndrome", and the transitional diet helps these 
children or adults that suffer from dyslexia,  dyspraxia, ADD, ADHD, 
Autism, and many other things including general learning difficulties, 
allergies, in fact as I'm understanding its very far reaching to 
everyone and many things we all suffer from. Here are a few links anyone 
interested might like to listen/watch/read ahead of time before joining me.

The GAPS diet is a transitional diet in order to restore and allow 
repair of the gut and its critical flora, leading to eventually diet as 
proposed by Werston A Price (My Episode 1), the interesting thing is 
that Natasha Cambell (Russian Doctor who's written the book "Gut and 
Psychology Syndrome") made her discovery's independently of any 
knowledge of Weston A Price.

Generally on this website and at this link there are great videos, as

This video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_0NvcJZwa8 I found 
fascinating in understanding how our gut worked or in fact doesn't often 
and the consequences, it was really fascinating. And will probably be 
the basis of what I present to intise people to look into it them-selfs.

I'm scheduling this for Nido's Saturday morning sessions, which for this 
subject I'd lead and contribute to as an enthusiastic amateur. March 30 
and April 6.

Thanks and look forward to any interested collaboration.


p.s I do feel these things are very interesting for other fellow hackers 
and hope a few will join me.

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