[Hpr] [HPR] We Need Shows, Sonar Needs Features

Charles Thayer catintp at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 28 03:10:44 PDT 2013


I free-associated a dumb idea yesterday on the "Boo, Hiss" thread, but it may have contained a useful seed. Explaining this will make it easier to either discard it as it of scope or to make some part of it happen. Here it is.

Several HPR listeners and hosts have a demonstrated interest in accessible computing. Why not add "How I Got Into Accessible Computing" as a  topic for new shows? Clearly, the projects that people actually work on would also be fair game for episodes.

If we want to suggest hacking projects that turn into more show ideas, they might as well create usable features that real people want -- and need.

Charles in NJ

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