[Hpr] HPR logos?

Philip Newborough corenominal at corenominal.org
Thu Mar 28 04:39:03 PDT 2013

Hey all :)

At work, I've been tasked with creating an Android app for one of our
project managers. I've not touched on Android app development yet, so
I thought I would get to grips with it by working on a pet project
first. So, I decided to have a go at creating a HPR app that will
stream episodes and possibly have a "record an episode" feature too.
Nothing to jazzy, just a nice little app to get my teeth into, before
moving on to develop my work's less interesting app.

Anyhow, I've fleshed out the HPR app and got the basics in place, and
I would now like to make a start on making it look pretty. Does anyone
have, or know where I can grab a SVG copy of rfquerin's most excellent
HPR logo [1]?


[1]: http://rfquerin.org/proj_2.html

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