[Hpr] 2014 April Fools show

Patrick Dailey pdailey03 at gmail.com
Wed May 8 10:57:26 PDT 2013

"Various HPR Hosts Read the Phone Book"

On the monthly review show for April (in case you missed it), someone said
that they could listen to one of our hosts read the phone book out loud.
Ken (perhaps in jest) said that it would make a good April Fools episode.
Well, I'm in! I love the idea. Unless anyone else wants the job, I
volunteer to edit it together.

Please send me a recording of yourself reading the phonebook. It's for
April fools, so feel free to make it funny, interesting and creative if you
like. If we only speak of it on the mailing list, it should still be a good
prank for a majority of the listeners, and no one else will know how you do
it until it airs either. I'll probably cut everyone's reading up into
individual listings and then alphabetize them all, so leave me a second or
two between listings, and include spellings for the tricky ones in the
recording or in the email.

I think a deadline of 2013-11-01 is fair. That's plenty of time to get your
submission in, and more importantly it leaves me plenty of time to edit it,
and it shouldn't interfere with the New Year's Eve Show in any way.

If anyone has any additional suggestions for this, please let me know.

Thank You,
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