[Hpr] 2014 April Fools show

cobra2 cobra2 at cctracker.org
Wed May 8 11:20:40 PDT 2013

ROFL! I'm game for this. How long of a segment do you want? I've got a couple Atlanta and Calgary phone books. =p

Patrick Dailey <pdailey03 at gmail.com> wrote:

>"Various HPR Hosts Read the Phone Book"
>On the monthly review show for April (in case you missed it), someone
>that they could listen to one of our hosts read the phone book out
>Ken (perhaps in jest) said that it would make a good April Fools
>Well, I'm in! I love the idea. Unless anyone else wants the job, I
>volunteer to edit it together.
>Please send me a recording of yourself reading the phonebook. It's for
>April fools, so feel free to make it funny, interesting and creative if
>like. If we only speak of it on the mailing list, it should still be a
>prank for a majority of the listeners, and no one else will know how
>you do
>it until it airs either. I'll probably cut everyone's reading up into
>individual listings and then alphabetize them all, so leave me a second
>two between listings, and include spellings for the tricky ones in the
>recording or in the email.
>I think a deadline of 2013-11-01 is fair. That's plenty of time to get
>submission in, and more importantly it leaves me plenty of time to edit
>and it shouldn't interfere with the New Year's Eve Show in any way.
>If anyone has any additional suggestions for this, please let me know.
>Thank You,
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-- cobra2
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