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toby toby at knowayhack.com
Fri May 10 16:47:44 PDT 2013

> Ahh two more for the "owe me a show" list.
> Ken.
> PS: Admit it, you were all thinking it. !
Lol! Yeah, I think I was not so sub-consciously giving myself a kick up the
backside. I've tried a couple of times, but end up becoming over whelmed
with self consciousness and my tiny flat suddenly feels massively empty and

The ironic thing is that having grown up as an only child, and being
something of a socially phobic hermit, I'm more than comfortable talking to
myself, but the moment there's the chance someone else might hear my
rambling waffle I freak the hell out!

I'm doing a talk at my local LUG next Saturday (gulp!), which I'll try to
record even though the only recording device I have is my phone. Even if
the recording is unbroadcastable, at least I'll have a plan and structure
to work with...

But yeah, please do add me to the IOU list, I need all the procrastination
fighting help I can get! :-)
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