[Hpr] Opus parameters, and embedded pictures for .opus/.ogg

epicanis+hpr at dogphilosophy.net epicanis+hpr at dogphilosophy.net
Wed May 15 10:46:39 PDT 2013

For a hypothetical opus feed for hpr, I'd suggest a bitrate of 48kbps (a little bigger than the speex feed, but should be substantially higher quality) for the typical episode. 56kpbs for the occasional stereo episode, or 64kbps for "musical" episodes, if any. (The default bitrate of 92kbps tends to be as good or better than 128k-160k mp3 or 128k Ogg Vorbis, in general).

Judging by the listening tests, we could probably go all the way down to 32kbps and still be quite high quality for speech, but personally I think it's worth a few extra bits keep the quality up. (I'm not real comfortable overall with the trend I feel like I'm seeing around the web lately of treating Ogg Vorbis as the "cheap bandwidth" codec rather than the "higher quality" codec - I'd rather not have that sort of impression slowing down Opus adoption in the near future.)

So far I'm seeing some inconsistency in the way feed-readers treat multi-enclosure atom feeds. Firefox shows (correctly) all enclosure links if you point the browser at the atom feed. Akregator shows only the first one. Antennapod only uses the last one (that it recognizes as a media file type). I suspect in the long run this won't be an issue as more multi-enclosure atom feeds get published and these issues get reported as bugs (I already reported the Antennapod bug) and fixed, but in the short term it's something to watch for. 

I've been working on the web-based-encoder project I mentioned in HPR#1033 again. One of the holdups
for me has been getting "album art" working. Embedded images in ogg files (opus/ogg/spx) require a
specific base64-encoded data structure (and not just base64-encoded picture file, nor an id3v2.3 frame).
I finally got that working now. If anybody but me has a use for it, I've now also built a standalone script
that takes a jpeg or png image and an optional "picture type" parameter (same "picture types" as
specified in the id3v2.3 APIC frame[1]) and returns a correctly-constructed "METADATA_BLOCK_PICTURE=(base64-encoded-structure)" line of text that can be inserted directly as a vorbiscomment into ogg vorbis, opus, or (I believe) speex file.

(The script is written such that it can be invoked as a web form or just run directly from the command-line. You can also use the web version in a shell script using curl to push the image file to the script, e.g. 

opusenc --comment title='Ogg Embedded Art Test' --comment artist='Epicanis' --comment `curl -F AlbumArt=@/home/epicanis/audioshow/general/hpr/hpr_feed_140px.png -F pictype=20 http://hpr.dogphilosophy.net/oggpicture.php` AnotherHPRInTheCan.wav AnotherHPRInTheCan.opus

If anybody else wants to use the script or wants a copy of it, let me know.  The only thing it's currently missing is an option to specify the "Picture Description" (also part of the id3v2.3 APIC/METADATA_BLOCK_PICTURE structure), which I'll add when I get a chance.

[1] http://id3.org/id3v2.3.0#Attached_picture

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