[Hpr] HPR Web Submission Form: Ready for [third] review

epicanis+hpr at dogphilosophy.net epicanis+hpr at dogphilosophy.net
Wed May 22 12:08:32 PDT 2013

(Oops, meant to go to the mailing list...)

>  You'll need to look at UTC_DATE() and/or setting
> date_default_timezone_set('UTC');

Or gmdate()...even easier than I thought.

Okay, ID now takes the form of:


and as a bonus, now actually uses md5_file() instead of md5() so that the md5sum is
actually useful and not just a useless hash of the name of the file (i.e. now if someone
uploads the same audio twice it'll be apparent, like it was supposed to be until I screwed
up and used the wrong md5-related function...)

Updates uploaded to ftp, http://hpr.dogphilosophy.net/hprup.tar.gz updated, left foot put in, left foot put out...

Should hopefully be correct now, unless you need it altered to extended-form ISO8601.

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