[Hpr] Hpr Digest, Vol 56, Issue 21

ken.fallon at gmail.com ken.fallon at gmail.com
Wed May 29 11:47:50 PDT 2013

On 2013-05-29 17:33, Patrick Dailey wrote:
> Has Klaatu's show legitimately been in the queue for that long or did it
> somehow slip through the cracks?

No it all has been done by the book.

See attached file for details.

His Show was uploaded on 2013-04-02 03:01:01 UTC and at that point his
last show was on 2013-03-19.

Of the shows posted since 2013-04-02:

Scheduled Slots  30.95%
New Host         14.29%
Specials          9.52%
Returning Hosts  45.24%

Anyway this is the third time I have had to do this auditing for people
so this proves to me that this queueing system isn't working.


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