[Hpr] Requesting High Priority for Observe Hack Make Interview With GMC

Nido Media nido at foxserver.be
Wed May 29 12:47:13 PDT 2013

Dear HPR correspondents,

I would like to request high priority for my interview with GMC about 
OHM2013. This is an interview about an event that takes place from Juli 
31 until August 4 in the Netherlands. We are also joined by Nick Farr 
from Hackers on a Plane who organise a trip from America to the event. 
Though the website of HoaP is in complete disarray at the moment, I am 
quite sure the organising is actually being done. Regardless of that, 
should hackers from America feel inclined to come to the event, it would 
help for them to know this sooner rather then later.

Included is the shownotes. The show has been uploaded

Kind regards,

Nido Media

Nido Media nido at foxserver.be
Observe Hack Make Interview With GMC


Interview with GMC about OHM 2013.
OHM2013 is a five day outdoor international camping festival for hackers 
and makers, and those with an inquisitive mind. On 31st July 2013, 3000 
of those minds will descend upon on an unassuming patch of land, at the 
Geestmerambacht festival grounds, 30km north of Amsterdam. We are 
interupted by Nick Farr, who will tell us a bit about Hackers on a 
Plane, who organise a trip from North America to Europe to participate 
in this event.


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