[Hpr] new show posting algorithm

ken.fallon at gmail.com ken.fallon at gmail.com
Thu May 30 02:18:35 PDT 2013

On 2013-05-29 23:45, Klaatu wrote:
> On Wednesday, May 29, 2013 10:19:49 PM Dave Morriss wrote:
>> On 29/05/13 21:23, epicanis+hpr at dogphilosophy.net wrote:
>>>>> The upload form would have a drop down with the first two items been
>>>>> "Normal (Selected)" then "Backup Show" and then a list of
>>>>> free/unscheduled slots listed by "episode number/date". Once processed,
>>>>> the show would be added to the database and the episode/day would not
>>>>> be available any more.
>>>>> The beauty of this is that all the decision making is done by the
>>>>> community.
>>>>> Ken.
>>>> Sounds great to me.
>>>> Anybody else want to ratify this?
>>> I hereby ratify.
>>> For what that's worth. :-)
>> It seems like a pretty good way forward to me.
>> I thought about it a while and wondered:
>> 1. This has the potential to disrupt patterns such as Community News
>> being released on the first Monday of the month. Does this matter?
> Dave,
> Good point. This might need to be the one exception to the no-reserved-slots 
> issue. It is, after all, a community show.
Well is that fair ? Surely TGTM News and LiTS are part of the community
as well. Removing reserved slots means just that. So Community news
should also go to a FIFO schedule. That will mean about a two week delay
even if people space out their shows. Not a big problem.

>> 2. The new algorithm means that there is nothing to prevent multiple
>> shows from a given host being released in the same week. Is this a
>> deficiency?
> I think it is, yes. I don't think hosts should post multiple shows per week, 
> but maybe we could make that a 'best practises' sort of request, rather than a 
> rule that is enforced.

I think this is very desirable on occasion. Sometimes I want to put all
my shows out one after the other. Eg: After OggCamp, New Year shows.
While other times I want to space them out. Leaving it up to the
individual is fine by me.

>> 3. Situations may arise where a show is submitted which requires more
>> work to prepare than usual, yet the submitter has asked for it to be
>> released very soon. This puts extra pressure on the admins. Is this
>> likely to be a problem?
> I do not believe so. All the work is done on the user's part, so I don't think 
> it'll be a big deal to admins.

If the slot is free and it has all the required information, then the
process is fairly fast. If not then the show will miss the deadline.

As is the case now, no show will be guaranteed a slot until it has been
processed correctly including complete show notes. If there is a problem
that results in a delay and in the mean time someone else submitted a
correctly formatted show requesting the same date, well then they will
not get their shows posted on the requested date.

This system will discourage "I want this released tomorrow". This is
because tomorrows show will already be in the database and on the web
server with it's hpr episode id. It will already have been released with
that episode id on the "go_max" feed.

It will be extremely inconvenient to change that. So it will not be
allowed unless there is mass and I mean mass approval from the list to
do it. Plus you will need the explicit permission from the host who is
scheduled tomorrow to swap them out to the next available slot again.

>> 4. The existing rapid turnaround for new hosts will be lost. Is this an
>> attraction to new submitters, or merely an unexpected bonus?
> Ken's idea is to not do the new-host bump, but we expect there to be less of a 
> queue as a result of this new simplified FIFO algorithm, so I don't think it's 
> going to hurt the incentive for new hosts.

Back in the day(TM), new hosts had to wait like everyone else. Now at
least they get to know the exact moment when they become a (HPR) Podcaster.

>> 5. Since the responsibility for ensuring there are no gaps in the
>> schedule has now been "outsourced" to the community, is a strategy
>> needed to accumulate "filler" shows to cover any gaps? Perhaps there
>> will be none?
> I think that's where the admins do come in.  If there's no show, then the 
> admin posts a show from the emergency fund; if there is no emergency fund then 
> the admins re-post content from the CC-BY-SA podcast of their choice.

Most people will just select the default option of "First Available
Slot" so I expect the pick a date to be mostly used by the regular

I'd still like to keep some shows in the backup queue so that we have
two weeks of shows ready for when we need them.


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