[Hpr] Fwd: your banner

Beni Keller beni at grindcore.ch
Thu Nov 7 21:03:19 PST 2013

Awesome! I can't wait to stick it on the back of my car!

"ken.fallon at gmail.com" <ken.fallon at gmail.com> wrote:
>FYI - !!!
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>Subject: 	your banner
>Date: 	Wed, 6 Nov 2013 22:50:03 -0600
>From: 	Danny Meeks <djmeeks at gmail.com>
>To: 	admin at hackerpublicradio.org
>CC: 	feedback at hackerpublicradio.org
>I'm a designer and coder for a printing company. I would be happy to
>design and/or print you guys another banner for free. I can either
>you a vinyl one with grommets or print one to whatever specs you give
>me. Just want to contribute as I'm a long time listener.
>Danny Meeks

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