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Ah, this is what makes HPR so cool! People stepping up and helping
each other out. This is what draws me to Open Source/Floss/Linux as
well. Its the Community!

Is someone working with you on this Danny? Who did the last banner? I
think it was you Dave Whitman, right? Maybe you can point Dan to the
artwork you used.

Well, I have the other half of the US table kit here. I'm not sure who
or what event its going to next. But, if we figure it out we can get
the kit and a banner in the same location again.

If the next event is Northeast Linux Fest, well then I can just bring
the kit with me. We can arrange to get the banner to me, or any of the
other HPR guys who will be going. There are usually 8 or more of us
there. So, someone must be close to you Dan. That will save on
shipping. (Or maybe you are local to Boston...
If so, get to NELF!)  ;)


On 11/07/2013 05:57 AM, ken.fallon at gmail.com wrote:
> FYI - !!!
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> Wed, 6 Nov 2013 22:50:03 -0600 From: 	Danny Meeks
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> I'm a designer and coder for a printing company. I would be happy
> to design and/or print you guys another banner for free. I can
> either print you a vinyl one with grommets or print one to whatever
> specs you give me. Just want to contribute as I'm a long time
> listener.
> Danny Meeks
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