[Hpr] HPR encoding parameters?

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Fri Nov 22 04:37:15 PST 2013

> The tool we use is called hprtranscode[...]
Yes, I looked at that, unfortunately it's not clear what it's doing:
    echo "Convert to mp3" # TODO and add tags"
    sox -S ${fname}_mez.wav ${fname}_mez.mp3 
    echo "Convert to ogg" # TODO and add tags"
    sox -S ${fname}_mez.wav ${fname}_mez.ogg
    echo "Convert to spx" # TODO and add tags"
    sox -S ${fname}_mez.wav -c 1 -r 16000 -t wav  - | speexenc - ${fname}_mez.spx

Or rather, it's not clear what the defaults are.

For speexenc, it looks like it's just "-q 8" (according to its man page) and 
whatever bitrate that turns out to be (the 28k guess was from a file I examined).
I can't seem to find any documentation (yet) showing what the defaults for sox's mp3 and
ogg encoder plugins are, so my guesses have been inferred from what the output has 
looked like so far. 
(Actually, I'm pretty confident about the "-q1" for the vorbis output, and that the mp3
bitrate is 64kbps, but I'm not sure how to best determine whether the mp3 is
CBR or VBR. I was guessing CBR for "legacy" compatibility.)

(Also - it looks like not even the mp3 has "cover art" with the HPR logo any more, 
is that true and/or intentional?)

And, yes, I do have an ulterior motive for asking, but I'll get to that after 
I've gotten the recording and editing done...
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