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Fri Nov 22 07:44:16 PST 2013

> And, yes, I do have an ulterior motive for asking, but I'll get to that
> after I've gotten the recording and editing done...

Actually, belay that - in the episode I berate a vague "them" for irritating
and unnecessary coyness at one point, so I shouldn't be doing it myself either...

Besides, if the answer is "no", I'm going to want to do things differently instead.

The "ulterior motive" here is that the episode I'm about to record is on audio
metadata (mainly about id3 and vorbiscomments, but not only those). I'd like
to include a much more complete set of metadata in the episodes so that they
serve as examples as well, which means I'd need to produce the mp3, ogg, and speex
files myself (and opus to put on hpr.dogphilosophy.net and/or opuscast.net, but I was 
going to do that anyway).

These would be standards-compliant id3v2.3 (for the mp3) or vorbiscomments
(for ogg and spx), just a much fuller set than the id3v1 tag names that HPR currently
restricts itself to.

Will it be a problem if I upload pre-finished mp3, ogg, and spx files for HPR to use along with the
.flac file?
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