[Hpr] Why no hpr torrent yet?

dg dg at deepgeek.us
Mon Nov 25 15:22:45 PST 2013

Hi, all,

What gives?  A sad day it is for me to realize, after listening to the
last HPR community news (where it was said "a few people slurped the
whole feed,") that I can't find a legal torrent for hpr?  I thought
surly archive.org would be torrenting our files, but they appear to not
be doing this.

So I actually have 73 Gig on my zfs array available, but my collection
is a hodge-podge mix of mp3 and ogg.  I thought of doing it on my own
totally and claiming to be some kind of torrent hero, but I thought
better that I might first check to see if anybody made any attempts
along these lines and that my info was correct before proceeding.  It
would also be nice to know if anybody has a legal private tracker
before trying to duplicate effort.

I'm thinking that if even a third of this list can seed just when they
are home at their computer, we can have a pretty good torrent going
into the future, relieving bandwidth on the main server and possibly
averting web bottlenecks and unnecessary bandwidth issues.

I'm wondering whether or not to start with the first one thousand eps
of the speex or ogg format.  I guess the mp3 might be more poplar (and
might cut bandwidth needs better, as those files are the largest) but I
come here to brainstorm before doing anything.

Ken, is it possible that I could get a password into the main servers
ftp to do one big efficient slurp sometime in the future?  Or do you
have any sneaky tar files anywhere?


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