[Hpr] Why no hpr torrent yet?

Cobra2 cobra2 at linuxbasement.com
Mon Nov 25 19:56:49 PST 2013

Possible solution:
The shows should be archived by year or eps 300-399 in torrents. This would enable a script to be written to only build torrents from the last N shows or shows posted in the year XXXX. 

I favor by year myself.


Ken Fallon <ken.fallon at gmail.com> wrote:
>Hi dg,
>I apologise for the use of the word slurp, as it implies that it is a
>bad thing. It is not. All are welcome to slurp away. 
>We had the discussion about torrents before and the problem is that as
>each new episode is added the torrent file changes and so the whole X
>amount of gigs would be downloaded again each day.
>Pokey suggested bitlockersync as a possible solution to this. Once the
>mailing list is archived we can actually point to that discussion.
>I argued that torrents are not as cacheable as http, so while the
>entire archive was marked as downloaded or "slurped", that doesn't mean
>that it all was downloaded as much may have been taken from ISPs
>caches. Whither torrents or http download is used is a technical
>argument and could be argued either way. Your point about there been no
>easy way to get the entire archive is valid and the hpr vps we have
>been given is at your disposal for whatever solution is arrived at.
>Also we can make rsync or ftp access available to the master mirrors.
>So please continue the discussion on what you would like to see, and in
>the meantime Slurp away.
>dg <dg at deepgeek.us> wrote:
>>Hi, all,
>>What gives?  A sad day it is for me to realize, after listening to the
>>last HPR community news (where it was said "a few people slurped the
>>whole feed,") that I can't find a legal torrent for hpr?  I thought
>>surly archive.org would be torrenting our files, but they appear to
>>be doing this.
>>So I actually have 73 Gig on my zfs array available, but my collection
>>is a hodge-podge mix of mp3 and ogg.  I thought of doing it on my own
>>totally and claiming to be some kind of torrent hero, but I thought
>>better that I might first check to see if anybody made any attempts
>>along these lines and that my info was correct before proceeding.  It
>>would also be nice to know if anybody has a legal private tracker
>>before trying to duplicate effort.
>>I'm thinking that if even a third of this list can seed just when they
>>are home at their computer, we can have a pretty good torrent going
>>into the future, relieving bandwidth on the main server and possibly
>>averting web bottlenecks and unnecessary bandwidth issues.
>>I'm wondering whether or not to start with the first one thousand eps
>>of the speex or ogg format.  I guess the mp3 might be more poplar (and
>>might cut bandwidth needs better, as those files are the largest) but
>>come here to brainstorm before doing anything.
>>Ken, is it possible that I could get a password into the main servers
>>ftp to do one big efficient slurp sometime in the future?  Or do you
>>have any sneaky tar files anywhere?
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