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dg dg at deepgeek.us
Tue Nov 26 03:52:37 PST 2013

Very cool, this  is the kind of discussion I was looking for.  It never
occurred to me that we could make annuals out of the torrents, but it
looks extremely desirable.  I'm a big fan of the fact that you can
download internal parts of the torrent file, but was looking for
something that made more sense than the potential user specifying a
block of episode numbers within a torrent.  The idea of even having the
whole thing by month, within the annual torrents, would give an
excellent usability to the end user, do we agree?

Which is better, by means of universality, using gzip or tar?  Or maybe
(since all these formats are quite compressed already,) maybe we should
have monthly folders within annual torrents?  Ideas PLEASE!

All that aside, I think the first step is for me to personally automate
my downloading of all the files, starting with speex, which looks very
attractive to me, as what I can learn from the smaller set of speex
files can then save me when I move on to bigger ogg and mp3 archives
(unless after I do speex, I get a volunteer for a point-person for a

Thanks, and thanks for the offer of access, Ken,

On Mon, 25 Nov 2013 21:44:49 -0700
Cobra2 <cobra2 at linuxbasement.com> wrote:

> And then reroll the month into years around new years day?
> -- cobra2
> epicanis+hpr at dogphilosophy.net wrote:
> >> Possible solution:
> >> The shows should be archived by year or eps 300-399 in torrents.
> >> This
> >would
> >> enable a script to be written to only build torrents from the last
> >> N
> >shows
> >> or shows posted in the year XXXX.
> >> 
> >> I favor by year myself.
> >
> >I was just about to suggest something similar, except on a smaller
> >time scale.
> >
> >If it were done by month (at least "going forward", as the
> >MBA-holders like to say), interested people wouldn't need to wait
> >more than a month before new episodes showed up in a bittorrent
> >archive.
> >
> >(That said, it seems like it would make sense to go ahead and archive
> >previous years' archives in yearly batches - its not like those are
> >going to change, so the issue of adding new episodes to them wouldn't
> >matter).
> >
> >
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