[Hpr] Why no hpr torrent yet?

cobra2 cobra2 at cctracker.org
Tue Nov 26 09:38:42 PST 2013

I'd avoid the compression within the torrent. IMHO it's just extra aggravation and effort required to obtain the media content I desire.

dg <dg at deepgeek.us> wrote:
>Very cool, this  is the kind of discussion I was looking for.  It never
>occurred to me that we could make annuals out of the torrents, but it
>looks extremely desirable.  I'm a big fan of the fact that you can
>download internal parts of the torrent file, but was looking for
>something that made more sense than the potential user specifying a
>block of episode numbers within a torrent.  The idea of even having the
>whole thing by month, within the annual torrents, would give an
>excellent usability to the end user, do we agree?
>Which is better, by means of universality, using gzip or tar?  Or maybe
>(since all these formats are quite compressed already,) maybe we should
>have monthly folders within annual torrents?  Ideas PLEASE!
>All that aside, I think the first step is for me to personally automate
>my downloading of all the files, starting with speex, which looks very
>attractive to me, as what I can learn from the smaller set of speex
>files can then save me when I move on to bigger ogg and mp3 archives
>(unless after I do speex, I get a volunteer for a point-person for a
>Thanks, and thanks for the offer of access, Ken,
>On Mon, 25 Nov 2013 21:44:49 -0700
>Cobra2 <cobra2 at linuxbasement.com> wrote:
>> And then reroll the month into years around new years day?
>> -- cobra2
>> epicanis+hpr at dogphilosophy.net wrote:
>> >> Possible solution:
>> >> The shows should be archived by year or eps 300-399 in torrents.
>> >> This
>> >would
>> >> enable a script to be written to only build torrents from the last
>> >> N
>> >shows
>> >> or shows posted in the year XXXX.
>> >> 
>> >> I favor by year myself.
>> >
>> >I was just about to suggest something similar, except on a smaller
>> >time scale.
>> >
>> >If it were done by month (at least "going forward", as the
>> >MBA-holders like to say), interested people wouldn't need to wait
>> >more than a month before new episodes showed up in a bittorrent
>> >archive.
>> >
>> >(That said, it seems like it would make sense to go ahead and
>> >previous years' archives in yearly batches - its not like those are
>> >going to change, so the issue of adding new episodes to them
>> >matter).
>> >
>> >
>> >
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