[Hpr] example of show publisher tool

Mike Dupont jamesmikedupont at googlemail.com
Thu Nov 28 17:33:30 PST 2013

here is a nice example of the new show publisher tool :
First it calls sox to record from the command line, then invokes emacs
for the show notes, then fills out all the fields of the shownotes,
appends the intro and outro , add some tages to the flac file and

python ./hacker_public_radio.py --create test3 --record
--shownotes-editor   --series="Testing" --tag=Funky --tag=Soul
--title="My test show from the command line with a very long title
that will be truncated for twitter to 144 chars......
--shownotes-load --save --print-config --emit-html --print-config
--add-intro-outro --publish

just get it off the main branch now :

more to come
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