[Hpr] Please help me test speex torrent

Bert Yerke bert at yerke.net
Fri Nov 29 20:05:55 PST 2013

On Friday, November 29, 2013 10:50:11 PM dg wrote:
> OK, I've learned a metric ton since I've been here last.
> Please help me test by trying my torrent:
> http://www.talkgeektome.us/torrents/HPR-Speex-2007-Nov2013.torrent
> It's nine gig, if it's good enough for you to keep torrenting when I'm
> about to leave for work in the morning, I'll let it run for the day.
> If your a magnet link guy, you can use...
> 07-Nov2013&tr=http%3Atracker.info-underground.net%3A16880%2Fannounce
> Let me know your thoughts if you help with my test, maybe this will be
> good enough to make this torrent "canoncial."
> ---
> DeepGeek
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Have you finished this test. I'm not getting anything downloading. It did 
locate the tracker and found some peers but nothing beyond that.
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