[Hpr] [speex torrent post-mortem] Pretty Amazing Night

dg dg at deepgeek.us
Sat Nov 30 04:47:44 PST 2013

Hi, Guys,

A note of thanks for all the reports and debugging last night.  I think
the torrent file can now be considered right, and I will seed overnight
on my box for the foreseeable future.

Essentially I mis-typed the tracker's address in the torrent, but the
tracker-less functions of bittorrent kicked in, and the swarm appeared
to go up to seven.  I must of seeded the 9gb torrent twice, and if
seven people have all those files from it, well, it amazes me.  The
most connections I saw from seeding were 4 from my point of view.

Over the next several days, I will be building these in each of the
formats.  I do understand the generosity of our sponsors, so this is
not not about saving bandwidth for HPR's webserver. However, I do
think it would be nice to have the newcomer be able to use bittorrent
if he or she wants to, in order to get a nice archive of past shows.

The last bit of help I want to ask for is two things.  First, and you
guessed it already, is that you find time to seed into the future; I
think the hardcore bittorrent folks say "let's keep this one alive."
The second, is if you have accounts in places like thepiratebay.sx, or
legittorrents.info, or know how to insert this torrent into those (or
any other) torrent indexing sites, to please do so.

Thanks for last night, and soon I will do over-night seeding for
several of these in different audio formats!


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