[Hpr] 2013-14 New Years 24-hour show

cobra2 cobra2 at cctracker.org
Mon Oct 14 14:42:37 PDT 2013

I will run a mirror stream. 

Kevin Wisher <kevin.wisher at gmail.com> wrote:
>Hello All,
>We are roughly around 10 weeks away from the next 24-hour New Year's
>This a call out for all parties who are interested in helping with this
>year's show. We mainly need to make arrangements for a Mumble server
>and a
>few streaming servers. If you have any of these resources available
>please send me your name, email address, available resources, and a
>day/time that is convenient for you to meet on-line on a Mumble server
>organizational purposes.
>Thank you,
>Kwisher on IRC
>kevin dot wisher at gmail dot com
>Hpr mailing list
>Hpr at hackerpublicradio.org

-- Cobra2
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