[Hpr] Queue Status, Backup Shows, and Prioritization Systems (oh my)

David L. Willson DLWillson at TheGeek.NU
Mon Oct 21 08:15:55 PDT 2013

It was scary to me that there are only two shows in the queue, until I realized that there are 13 shows in the backup queue. 

And then I made a second realization: The backup shows are the only shows I'll never get to listen to, unless the queue empties. I can listen to the past and to the future, but not the backups. Since I know at least one of the backup shows is a Ken show, and I love all the Ken shows that I've listened to so far, I find myself torn between hoping the queue will empty, so I can listen to the backup shows, and hoping that it will re-fill. 

What if the backup queue was just in the queue, but bump-able? 

As an aside, I wonder why the Calendar only goes forward, not backward? 

I wonder if replays could be a good "backup queue". We could nominate shows from the past that we particularly love, that we think deserve a replay. Someday, the most favorite shows could get additional interview material and then get added to a DVD or Audio CD, which could be a give-away in an annual fund-raiser, or whatever. 

On Prioritization Systems: I wonder if it might work to have reserved_date's (P1), requested_day_or_date's (P2), and run_whenever's (P3). The run_whenever shows would get added to the queue, but would bump out and around freely, in order to make room for series' with a requested day of the week or month or sequencing, like DeepGeek and LibreOffice, which them-selves would get out of the way so that the monthly news show can always run on the 1st. 

Anyway, just some thoughts. 

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This is a good time for a r3VOLution. 

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