[Hpr] Queue Status, Backup Shows, and Prioritization Systems (oh my)

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Mon Oct 21 08:57:38 PDT 2013

On 2013-10-21 17:15, David L. Willson wrote:
> It was scary to me that there are only two shows in the queue,
Don't be scared - record a show.

> until I realized that there are 13 shows in the backup queue.
> And then I made a second realization: The backup shows are the only
> shows I'll never get to listen to, unless the queue empties.  I can
> listen to the past and to the future, but not the backups. Since I know
> at least one of the backup shows is a Ken show, and I love all the Ken
> shows that I've listened to so far, I find myself torn between hoping
> the queue will empty, so I can listen to the backup shows, and hoping
> that it will re-fill.
> What if the backup queue was just in the queue, but bump-able?
If people are not sending shows in because of the backup queue, I would
just prefer to schedule all the backup shows and be done with it.

Has anyone any objection to me scheduling all the backup shows now ?

> As an aside, I wonder why the Calendar only goes forward, not backward?
Because backward is on the main and archive page ? or am I missing

> I wonder if replays could be a good "backup queue". We could nominate
> shows from the past that we particularly love, that we think deserve a
> replay. 
In my opinion, if we can't get contributions from our 2-3 thousand daily
listeners then the experiment is over and we should shut the doors.

> Someday, the most favorite shows could get additional interview
> material and then get added to a DVD or Audio CD, which could be a
> give-away in an annual fund-raiser, or whatever.
Cool idea.

> On Prioritization Systems: I wonder if it might work to have
> reserved_date's (P1), requested_day_or_date's (P2), and run_whenever's
> (P3). The run_whenever shows would get added to the queue, but would
> bump out and around freely, in order to make room for series' with a
> requested day of the week or month or sequencing, like DeepGeek and
> LibreOffice, which them-selves would get out of the way so that the
> monthly news show can always run on the 1st.
I've gone back on the whole priority idea after listening to the
community news show again. If there are urgent announcements that are
important enough I can always record a bumper at the beginning of a
daily show.

So I recommend continuing with the First in first out and keep it for
everyone including HPR Community news.

> Anyway, just some thoughts.
Good ideas - keep them coming.

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