[Hpr] Queue Status, Backup Shows, and Prioritization Systems (oh my)

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Mon Oct 21 08:57:40 PDT 2013

> Has the unthinkable ever been thought? ie: That perhaps, two (or more) shows
> could release on the same day?

Oh, boy, has it ever :-)

Before the relatively recent rework of the queuing system, this would come up as a suggestion from various people (including me) for times when there were two months worth of shows in the queue and anyone who wasn't new could easily end up going through the work of making an episode and then not having anybody here it for three months or more.

Now that the rework is done, this is much less of an issue. Sometimes it could still end up being months before a show pops up in the RSS/Atom feed, but now it can be heard immediately directly from the website.
(And while the official Hacker Public Radio feed doesn't, probably will never, and perhaps shouldn't ever release more than one episode in a day, there's now nothing stopping someone else from creating a separate feed that pops up however many they want to present in a day.)

> The backup shows are the only shows I'll never get to listen to, unless the
> queue empties.

That's a good point, though. All of the regular shows now get assigned an episode number as soon as they are uploaded and therefore become available for listening as soon as any necessary transcoding is done.

The "backup" shows by definition haven't been assigned an episode number yet because they're for "backup" - they get assigned a number and shoved into the queue in emergency situations where there is no regular episode available (i.e. probably this week :-) ). 
Perhaps the backup shows could have a page of their own where they can be found, with <audio> tags and so forth to be listened to before they've become official HPR episodes? (Or is their hidden nature intentional i.e. "this episode I made is stupid, so I don't want anyone to hear it unless there is no other option"? I could imagine myself making an episode like that...)
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