[Hpr] Disposing of current backup shows

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Mon Oct 21 09:25:28 PDT 2013

> I think I remember that someone once suggested that the backup queue be limited to a
> certain number of episodes, and that if more were added then the oldest
> would be bumped into the normal queue. I thought that sounded like a great
> idea.

If people are worried (unnecessarily in my opinion, but I could be wrong) that the backup
shows are removing the urgency to record, that number of episodes could be declared
to be "5" (i.e. one week), which in my mind is a reasonable balance between "giving
someone time to respond to the empty queue" and "not having much time before
running out of shows".

The extra 8 (currently) backup shows could be released one per day for the
next 8 episodes, assigned the next available slot each day (which would allow
others to still get episodes in within the next few days rather than immediately
pushing back the next-available date to two or three weeks from now and making
it seem less urgent again temporarily).
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