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> CC-BY-NC-SA     2013-08-13

Oh, I keep meaning to email about this - all of my shows should just be CC-BY-SA
(I think the NC clause is grossly overused, and the SA clause covers the important
stuff). Also, I have a "the world in an Ehrlenmeyer flask" avatar that I use that
I can put somewhere for use with the Hall of Hosts entry as well.

> Quick rule of thumb, if that date read older than 2012-10-21 then you
> "owe us a show", otherwise take your time and record your show at your
> leisure.

2013-08-13 doesn't count, Deepgeek did all the REAL work on that one.
That means it's REALLY been half a year since my last episode and I'm
overdue for getting off my butt and getting more done (especially now that
the busy season is over).

I actually have two short episodes in progress which should be uploadable 
Real Soon Now. 

One of them is on audio metadata - is there any problem if I do the transcoding
on that one, at least, myself (i.e. upload complete ready-to-use flac, mp3, ogg, and spx)?
Being on the subject of audio metadata, I wanted to make an example of it with more
metadata than the limited use that the standard HPR episode makes of it...

(Copying to the list on the assumption that self-encoding the final versions of episodes 
might be of interest to other hosts as well).
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