[Hpr] Worst of as a backup show

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On 10/21/2013 08:17 PM, catintp at yahoo.com wrote:
> That is sheer genius.  :-)
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> Subject: [Hpr] Worst of as a backup show
> It's been suggested that a list of "best shows" be used for a backup.
> I thought the opposite would be better, how about a list of "worst
> shows." How about we have our worst shows in order to egg people on to
> make HPR sound better, and while we're at it, people can say to
> themselves, "I can make the next HPR episode better than that!"
> "HPR listeners, you're our only hope of saving us from our "worst of"
> collection.

I guess it's time for me finally to record my episode about how to
fold a fitted sheet.


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