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> Hi All,
> Thanks everyone for the burst of shows. We're good for the coming few
> weeks. Now that you the community are managing the queue you need to
> make sure that we don't get a repeat of the 34 day wait time back in
> August.
> Can I ask people submitting shows to pick specific days rather than just
> using "next available slot". That leave some gaps in the schedule for
> new hosts and urgent shows.
> Ken


I wanted to point out a potential problem us not marking submissions as
"next available slot".  The homepage says there is just a ten day wait for
the next slot, but you say there has been a "burst" of shows.  Ten days
(including weekends) does not constitute a "burst" to me, so I am guessing
there are shows that have not been added to the calendar. Were I to upload
a show tonight and ask for Nov 5, it would be unfair to anyone who
submitted a show not yet scheduled, so now I have to guess how many
unscheduled shows you have (and it would be unfair to expect you to drop
everything and update the calendar every time a show hits the FTP, even
when we are short on new eps).  So, if I guess "burst" is fifteen
unscheduled shows, and ask for 2013/11/27, and "burst" is 20, I shouldn't
get the slot.  If "burst" is eight, I leave a gap. Therefore, if "next
available" is too constrictive, may I suggest "Whenever".  Just trying to
be helpful, not critical.

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