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>     Hi All,
>     Thanks everyone for the burst of shows. We're good for the coming few
>     weeks. Now that you the community are managing the queue you need to
>     make sure that we don't get a repeat of the 34 day wait time back in
>     August.
>     Can I ask people submitting shows to pick specific days rather than just
>     using "next available slot". That leave some gaps in the schedule for
>     new hosts and urgent shows.
>     Ken
> Ken,
> I wanted to point out a potential problem us not marking submissions as
> "next available slot".  The homepage says there is just a ten day wait
> for the next slot, but you say there has been a "burst" of shows.  Ten
> days (including weekends) does not constitute a "burst" to me, so I am
> guessing there are shows that have not been added to the calendar. Were
> I to upload a show tonight and ask for Nov 5, it would be unfair to
> anyone who submitted a show not yet scheduled, so now I have to guess
> how many unscheduled shows you have (and it would be unfair to expect
> you to drop everything and update the calendar every time a show hits
> the FTP, even when we are short on new eps).  So, if I guess "burst" is
> fifteen unscheduled shows, and ask for 2013/11/27, and "burst" is 20, I
> shouldn't get the slot.  If "burst" is eight, I leave a gap. Therefore,
> if "next available" is too constrictive, may I suggest "Whenever".  Just
> trying to be helpful, not critical.
> 5150

Hi 5150,

"Ten days (including weekends) does not constitute a "burst" to me". You
would not believe how happy I am that you say that. We have struggled
for the longest time with no shows in the queue, having to beg the
regulars to submit something today for release on the same day. What you
are experiencing is scheduling panic. I had it, enigma had it before me
and now you all get to enjoy it. The thing to remember is that "The HPR
Community will provide" (so long as it's not summer time in the northern
hemisphere :) ). We normally tend to get at least one show a week if not
two, so leaving some gaps in the schedule is not a big problem. If there
are gaps that don't get filled then we can use some of the backup shows.

I appreciate the suggestion of "whenever" and at first glance it seems
like a good idea, but the major problem is that it puts the admins back
in the equation. We then lose transparency and it again opens us up to
accusations of favouritism. All the scheduling is done transparently so
you can know exactly when a show will be posted before you upload it.
Shows are only removed from the FTP server once they have been scheduled
and are available on http://hackerpublicradio.org/calendar.php.
Therefore, if you see no shows on the FTP server then you have the pick
of whatever slot you like. If you see shows there open the show notes on
the ftp server to see what days they picked and adjust your selection
accordingly. The first one to upload a show for a particular date will
get it.

We have currently 10(scheduled) + 1 on the FTP server + 13 backup shows.
I also know from the mailing list, that there are shows due from
ohm_2013, OggCamp and probably OLF.

If you look at our submission to usage pattern on the graph it looks
like a "Shark Fin". After we request shows there is a big spike, leading
to a long delay in getting shows released, then a gradual slope down as
the shows get consumed. End result is that there is a surge of interest
and then a big delay for new hosts who answered the call to get their
shows out. As a regular host, you can choose to pick a date that is not
too far away and then assume that the gaps will be filled.

As a rule of thumb, if there are spaces "next week" use "next available
slot", otherwise try and schedule it to leave one slot free two weeks
out and two slots free three weeks out.

Or just use "next available slot" and let them wait :)


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