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Sat Oct 26 17:58:59 PDT 2013

> I appreciate the suggestion of "whenever" and at first glance it seems
> like a good idea, but the major problem is that it puts the admins back
> in the equation. We then lose transparency and it again opens us up to
> accusations of favouritism. All the scheduling is done transparently so
> you can know exactly when a show will be posted before you upload it.

This seems like something that could easily be automated - it ought to be
pretty easy to come up with a script that checks when the next 5-10 available
slots are, then suggests one in a weighted-random fashion ("weighted" as in
"if tomorrow is the next available slot, we probably want it in there" and
otherwise somewhat favors nearer dates to farther ones, but still frequently
suggests slots that leave empty ones in between.)

If that was even coherent...Anyway, the point is there could be a web-based 
"pick a slot for me" in place of the "next available slot" option.
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