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> I've been trying to decide what I
> should do.  If you'll indulge me a moment, I have a couple of ideas that
> I've been tossing around, and would like to see if either of them "stick
> to the wall" as it were:

I find myself in a similar situation lately.  I've actually been keeping a page online with all the show ideas I'm thinking of trying to do in hopes that one of them will suddenly turn out to be REALLY interesting to people so that I can focus on it instead of puttering around with all of them until I manage to spontaneously get some momentum on one at random.[1]

In general, I get the impression that just about anything that involves some sort of "system" (and therefore can be subjected to some form of "hacking") is perfectly acceptable as a topic, and some of the more popular episodes have been the ones that have nothing to do with computers. "eCigs" strike me as a similarly unexpected-but-completely-appropriate topic.

I PERSONALLY wouldn't be all that interested in music reviews, unless the description of the episode suggested that the reviews would just happen to cover a style I liked (I'm finding it irritatingly difficult to find really good "techno"-oriented music that is NOT "Ambient" or "Trance" for a change, for example...), however I suspect there are plenty of others that would be interested regardless of whether it involves an Epicanis-approved genre. :-)

[1] http://hpr.dogphilosophy.net/?page_id=2 in case anyone wants to take the invitation to digitally kick me in the butt on one topic or another...
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