[Hpr] Upcoming Series on "Units": Help with Medical Maths?

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Tue Sep 10 07:31:42 PDT 2013

I for one cannot help you with this but I want to say I am really looking
forward to what you are putthing together!

> I am working on a series on Practical Math, starting with an introduction
> to using and understanding "units". The first couple of shows will be
> pretty basic explanations of what units are, and how to do arithmetic with
> quantities that have units attached. Some people call this "dimensional
> analysis", but I prefer to call it maths in the world of things.
> Before I finish, I would like to at least touch on the units used in
> medicine dosages. I don't know anyone in the field, so I would have to do
> a fair amount of research to do a show that might still have little
> practical value. This might work better if a nurse or pharmacist did a
> guest spot, or maybe an interview.
> I'm not fussy here. I would be happy to end up with a show with tips for
> practitioners, or a show on defensive dosage checking for patients and
> caregivers.
> There will be several references to the show on "units" from Linux in the
> Shell, using DuckDuckGo for units conversions, and other ways to use your
> computer or phone to help you.
> Any ideas?
> Charles in NJ
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