[Hpr] Is it Spam ?

Ken Fallon ken.fallon at gmail.com
Wed Sep 25 03:52:39 PDT 2013

Hi All,

As one of my daily chores it to filter comment spam. Usually it's
pretty easy to decide, but this one is probably spam but I'm not 100%

It's on episode http://hackerpublicradio.org/eps.php?id=1229 where
Helvetin describes how to switch keyboar layouts.

It just got this comment.

 #698 - Student insurance Switzerland - 09/24/2013 - 04:57 - Posted at: /eps.php?id=1229 - IP: - Host: cust.dyn.213-3- ... - UA: Mozilla/5.0 (Wi ...
Great for expats
I wanted to thank you for providing this guide. As a swiss expat
currently in the United States, reverting easily to my Swiss keyboard
proved invaluable in saving what remained of my

The link is obviously spam "Student insurance Switzerland", but they
did at least read the show notes. Although in fairness at least they
made an effort. 

So you decide "Is it Spam ?"


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