[Hpr] LinuxFest Northwest 2014 HPR Table

David Whitman davidglennwhitman at gmail.com
Thu Jan 16 05:18:16 PST 2014

I have had a table for HPR at LFNW for the last two years. It was my
intention to repeat this in 2014 and to also apply to promote the ACF and
the ORCA Screen Reader project in some way during the fest.

This year due to circumstances beyond what I can control I will be unable
to attend and do a table for HPR or the ACF at this conference.

So that presents an opportunity for another community member to do the
table at LFNW.

If someone else wants to do this, please contact me if you wish and I can
offer a scholarship of sorts to help with the cost of stickers or other
promotional items.

Of course an application must be made at the LinuxFest Northwest website
for the table space.

There is a modest bit of preparation, a time commitment, but  it can be a
lot of fun.

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