[Hpr] Generic Episode Subjects

Nigel Verity nigelverity at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 2 06:39:55 PDT 2014

Dear All

There have been quite a lot of "generic" episodes on the themes of "How I got into Linux" and "What's in my bag?". I find these really interesting, as such seemingly simple subjects can spawn so many varied tales.

I got to wondering about whether some other subjects could be equally productive. One which springs to mind is something like "A view of the future". Everyone has a unique vision of how things may turn out, and there are so many perspectives. Obviously from the tech point of view most of us have seen ideas and paradigms come and go. Each is touted as the future of computing and each eventually either falls away completely or becomes just another architecture option. Obviously "the cloud" is the latest buzz but that will doubtless go the same way once practical experience with it shows the limitations and leads to caution or disillusionment.

Then there are other aspects like science, energy, social changes, environment. The list is potentially very long.

Any views on this or other possible "generic" subjects?

All the best


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