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Sat Jun 7 07:12:14 PDT 2014

I have the Comments feed working on Flipboard on my Android phone. It is hard to figure out what episode is referenced by looking at the summary, but touching the item on the viewer takes you right to the HPR page. You can then see the entire comment history for the show in question, and add a comment in the usual way.

Feedly gives a better initial view of the posts, but FlipBoard is everywhere these days. It is crappy, but it is serviceable.

Comment feeds are mainly an existing host feature, so I personally can live with a glitch here and there on the client end.  The call-in line, audio processing and scheduling, and other features that let anyone post a show easily are higher priorities for me.

By the way, the call-in line is very easy to use. I wish I could become as fluent in using it as MrGadgets. He's a phone-it-in legend in my book. It would be great to hear from him again, if he should get some free time. Any subject he picks is of interest to me.

Charles in NJ

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