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dg dg at deepgeek.us
Sun Mar 2 15:11:04 PST 2014

I think a back up que is nice, but I think anything over a year is
excessive.  Even the most historical show would be, IMHO, stale.  I
don't know if it's  hard to do, but expanding how far out the calendar
goes is an option, but I don't understand how it all works.  This "also
scheduled" thing at the end is interesting. You could just put backup
shows a year out after they are submitted, I guess.  Is any "floating"
possible for shows?!

Just thoughts...

On Sun, 02 Mar 2014 23:03:29 +0000
Dave Morriss <perloid at autistici.org> wrote:

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> Hi All,
> Yesterday, while recording the February Community News with Ken and
> Ahuka, the subject of the backup shows and how to manage them came up.
> There are currently 12 backup shows in the queue, the oldest having
> been there for over 2 years. On the one hand it seems reasonable to
> maintain such a queue as an ultimate fall-back, but on the other
> hand, keeping shows for as long as this seems like a bad idea.
> So, some feedback from the HPR Community would be helpful. As far as I
> can see the main questions are:
> - - Should there be a maximum time for backup shows to be queued?
> - - Should we limit the number that are held at any time (by
> releasing the older ones)?
> - - Is there still a need for a backup queue at all?
> Your thoughts would be appreciated.
> Dave
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