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Dave Morriss perloid at autistici.org
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On 10/03/14 12:28, Ken Fallon wrote:

> I think we need to make it clear that shows in this queue will *never*
> get released unless there is an emergency. The reason I mention 10
> shows, is because that is the minimum I think we need to rally the troops.
> Taking a step back. We have multiple definitions of "backup" shows. My
> understanding of the backup queue was that it would be used when shows
> were needed to fill gaps. Once it got big, shows would be rotated out.
> The reason we had this discussion on the Community News, was that I have
> gotten a few emails from people who submitted their shows as backups and
> then wondered where they were not scheduled for release.
> On the other hand as we can see from the discussions to this thread,
> some hosts intend that their shows never be rotated out and only used
> for backup slots.
> So the purpose of this clause is to make the Backup queue an Emergency
> Queue. IE *only* shows intended to be in there for a looooooong time. No
> rotation, no maximum size, playable - yes, but not scheduled until they
> are needed.
> So what about people that don't care when they are scheduled, who are in
> no particular rush to have their show aired, but expect it to be
> released sometime. I do not want to be responsible for scheduling those,
> for fear of acquisitions of bias. Yes we could write a script to
> schedule them but then that leads to confusion. So then why not let the
> people schedule the shows themselves at a time we know will be quiet.
> Eg: during the summer.
> Does that seem logical and fair ?
> If so I want to release the shows in the backup queue that where not
> intended to be there for that long. (The hosts will still need to pick
> the day)
> Rename the queue Emergency Queue.
> Update the website with appropriate text explaining the change. Namely
> it's our preference if you pick a day for release.

I have to admit that I hadn't quite seen what you were trying to do here.

Your suggestion of an Emergency Queue seems eminently sensible. I'd
personally recommend that the intention of this queue be described as
clearly as possible, given that two types of "Backup" shows seem to have
evolved - somewhat to my surprise. This description now makes it clear
to me.

The other aspect of this issue that is causing me some puzzlement is
that Emergency Queue shows will be playable. If I had submitted a show
to this queue I think I'd prefer its content only to be revealed in
emergency conditions.

Maybe I'm missing the point again here?


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