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I also find the Community News helpful, especially now that I'm digging out from a major intrusion of Life into my plans.  Since my last show, we have moved house, put our old home up for sale, dealt with some health issues, and tended to a number of complicated situations with "elder care".  What that means is that I'm about a month behind on just listening to HPR, much less producing my own shows.  So I'm buzzing through a lot of episodes that I might otherwise have gone over more carefully.  It would be easy to miss something when I'm listening in that "mode".

The Community News also accounts for the majority of feedback that many hosts ever get about the content of their shows, because listeners do not always visit the comments section to give their feedback.  I have standing to talk about this, because I am myself the worst offender when it comes to this type of "freeloading" -- listening without providing feedback or any word of appreciation to the hosts who have worked to put their shows together.

Unless we fix the "broadcasting into the void" phenomenon in some way, the Community News will continue to provide an important service for both listeners and hosts.

How to improve it?  My only suggestion would be to find a way to do the Community News in a way that takes some of the burden off Ken, Dave Morriss, Ahuka and other "regulars".  It's going to be a while before I can put together the time and gear to get on Mumble to pitch in myself, so a suggestion is as constructive as I can get right now. 

Charles in NJ

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Is the community news useful ?
Even though I listen to all shows, I find some use in the CNS from 
hearing others talk about the episodes.  Often there will be some 
insight or angle I missed.

Should we stop it ?
I don't think so.  I enjoy it.  It's sort of a proxy to compensate for 
the fact I don't have people to discuss the shows with.

How would you improve it ?
I find it sufficient as it is.

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