[Hpr] Somewhat happy...

Kenneth Frantzen hpr at alltinomit.se
Thu May 1 08:40:55 PDT 2014

Hi everyone!

Sorry to send you an email without any real substance, but I am really 
happy and wanted to share it. :-)

Some of you might remember "Retrospelsmässan" (a retro game convention) 
from hpr1403. This Saturday will see the 2014 edition of the convention, 
and I will be there again.

But this year I will have accreditation as press! Based on my interviews 
with Andreas in hpr1403 and Armin in hpr1428 they will give me a press 
pass, free entrance, no queueing and an allotted time slot for an 
interview with one or more of the organizers. (One of the guys who started 
the convention knows Armin, btw.)

Even though - for example - I have sort of been the only media represented 
at FSCONS some years, that recognition has always been as an afterthought.

It's not like I am suddenly a journalist or anything, but this is the 
first time that I am actually recognized officially for my interviews. And 
that made me happy! :-)

/Kenneth "Seetee" Frantzen


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