[Hpr] Comments not working?

Dave Morriss perloid at autistici.org
Sun May 4 14:39:03 PDT 2014

On 04/05/14 22:24, NYbill wrote:
> Just a quick FYI, I went to comment on Charles in NJ's recent math
> episode... But, every time I click on "comment" it links
> to the same page:
> http://hackerpublicradio.org/eps.php?id=1497
> ...breakage.
> BTW Charles, I was going to let you know I'm enjoying them. ;)

I may be speaking nonsense, but as far as I can see all "comment" links
on these episode pages link back to the page itself. I'm not entirely
sure why.

If you scroll down to the comment box at the foot of the page you should
be able to submit something, or does that not work?

Both Ken and I are doing things to the site and the database which
*might* have a few unforeseen side-effects. I see the rendering of the
page itself is a little weird after Ken has added in the new series
header, for example.

Thanks for the heads up,

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