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Bert Yerke bert at yerke.net
Tue May 13 08:25:06 PDT 2014

> to generate the ASCII armo(u)red version of the key and place it on a
> website. This form can be generated with:
>    gpg --armor --output public_key.asc --export USERNAME
> For myself, this is a file of 1173 lines, so probably not good material
> for the profile.
Agreed. I'm at 2209 and counting

> I *think* that it's better to publish the full 16-character form of the
> key id rather than the 8-character one. Mine is 0x4825C90A45758A21.
>    gpg --list-keys --keyid-format long USERNAME
The chance of collision is extremely low with an 8 character ID but it is 
infinitesimal with a 16 character ID. 16 is definitely recommended.

> I'm sure there's more...
> Dave

If a public key is not hosted on a key server it should at least be 
available from a personal website or something like that. OTOH if you are 
initiating a conversation with someone via e-mail and you want to use 
encryption/signature, the public key should be sent as an attachment to 
the message. In my case it can save confusion as to which key is used 
to sign/encrypt the message since there are several on the server. Also, 
if you search for a public key you should always use the keyID (if 
available) for the same reason.
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