[Hpr] Podcast Generator & Blue Drava

Stephen Ward aukondk at aukondk.com
Wed Sep 3 04:20:19 PDT 2014

Thanks to the holidays I am really behind on my podcasts. But I did I dip
into the Community News to check for feedback on my recent episode on
Podcast Generator and my own podcast Blue Drava.

Ken mentioned about the feed having both versions of the podcast (live and
voice only). There is a way to get separate feeds by selecting a category
from the archives (http://podcast.bluedrava.com/?p=archive) but it's not
very obvious. I'll have to fix that before my next show.

I'm hoping to get Blue Drava up and running again soon. There was a lot
learned over the two pilots I did but with my UK trip, coming back to work
and nursing a cold I've not had the time.

I recorded the Podcast generator episode on my phone in my car which
sounded pretty good. I think I'll use that for more HPR stuff and maybe
some prerecords for BD.

Stephen Ward
Admin - aukondk.com
Host - podcast.bluedrava.com
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