[Hpr] OggCamp HPR table

Philip Newborough corenominal at corenominal.org
Fri Sep 5 10:00:27 PDT 2014

On Fri, Sep 5, 2014 at 5:15 PM, Dave Morriss <perloid at autistici.org> wrote:
> On 03/09/14 20:39, Ken Fallon wrote:
>> On 2014-09-03 17:22, Dave Morriss wrote:
>>> Hi Everyone,
>>> I'm going to OggCamp next month. I have reserved a table for HPR,
>>> and I *think* I'm going to be able to get the HPR table kit (thanks
>>> timtty).
>>> At the moment I'm a bit short on people to help run the table. I
>>> believe I can call on navigium (Beni) to help, but I think that we
>>> need more.
>>> So if anyone is going to OggCamp 14 and would be able to help out
>>> with running the HPR table, please let me know. I need to reply to
>>> Mark Johnson to confirm that we want a table by the weekend.
>> Can we have some volunteers please - two people is not enough. The
>> more there are, the more options there are to split the workload so
>> that everyone gets some time away.
>> A) Are you going to OggCamp ?
>> B) Can you help out for even a few hours at the booth to give the lads
>> a break ?
> Well, it looks as if we're going to have to cancel the table booking for
> HPR at OggCamp. I don't think anybody's going to be able to help Beni
> and I with running it. I have had no direct replies, and nothing's
> appeared on the list.
> It's a shame, but there you are.
> Dave

Nope, it just wouldn't be OggCamp without the HPR table. I have had a
word with the chief and he has released me from my obligations as an
OggCamp crew member, so I am free to help cover the HPR table. Becky
is on the crew too, doing reception and crowd control, but she has
said she'll help out where she can.

Is this enough to secure the table? Please say, "yes".


P.S. What do I need to bring to the party? Apart from my dashing good
looks and winning personality?

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