[Hpr] OggCamp HPR table

Beni Keller beni at grindcore.ch
Fri Sep 5 13:56:34 PDT 2014

> Many thanks to Becky and Philip for coming to the rescue. I'm proud to
> be associated with such a great community!
> I had told Mark Johnson he could cancel our reservation but he's been
> very understanding and has let me change my mind :-)
> I think Marshall (timttmy) is going to bring the table kit for us,
> though he can't stay for long.
> Other than that I need to organise some stickers and stuff, for which
> I'll be asking Ken for advice.
> Dave
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Great, thank you from me, too! As for stickers it's probably best
if you, Dave, organizes them. Unless someone is willing to bring them to
Brussels the week before. I spend the week before Oggcamp in Antwerpen
and Brussles.

Another idea to recruit people for Oggcamp would be to record a short
request and push it in front of the queue for people to hear it in
time. What do you think?



PS: After the difficulties of ironing stickers on t-shirt (three grown
men trying to iron stickers on t-shirts doesn't always work out that well.)
we'll probably skip the t-shirts this year.

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