[Hpr] OggCamp HPR table

Beni Keller beni at grindcore.ch
Sat Sep 6 01:30:05 PDT 2014

Kim Rasmussen <suunto.t6 at gmail.com> writes:

> On 05/09/14 at 22:47, Philip Newborough wrote:
>> On Fri, Sep 5, 2014 at 9:56 PM, Beni Keller <beni at grindcore.ch> wrote:
>> >
>> > PS: After the difficulties of ironing stickers on t-shirt (three grown
>> > men trying to iron stickers on t-shirts doesn't always work out that well.)
>> > we'll probably skip the t-shirts this year.
>> >
>> I can only imagine the horror!
>> Seriously though, I'm happy get some T-shirts printed for us and bring
>> them along. If you and Dave let me know your sizes, I'll get it sorted
>> this weekend. Regards colours, does hot pink sound okay?
>> Philip
> Philip you're about to give Beni a hart attack...
> We had a discussion about the colour of the T-shirt last year. To
> quote Beni
> "I can't go back to Switzerland if I wear anything but Black!"
> /Theru

There is a special note in my passport which mentions that I wear
black. One day when I wore a dark green shirt to teach. One of my
classes wasn't able to focus on anything else than the fact that I
wasn't wearing a black shirt - for 45 minutes. ;)

@Philip Dave isn't keen on wearing T-Shirts anyway. So I don't think
he'd want one. If you get some shirts anyway (which of course would be
awesome!), I'm usually wearing XL (or L if the sizes are larger than
usual). Let me know if you want me to throw some money your way to cover
for the shirts or the stickers!



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